Top Ten Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day with Your Love

Romance and Valentine have a very strong connection with each other. This valentine, if you haven’t planed anything special with your valentine, than I guess I have the perfect thing for you. Why not watch top ten all time favorite romantic movies with your valentine this year. Let us make it different on this valentine by watching some of the best movies of all time.

Here, I present you with a list of some of my all time favorite movies that I can never get enough of. No matter how many times I watch them, it always seems that I am watching these movies for the first time. For me, a perfect valentine would be to watch one of these movies with my valentine.

Top Ten Romantic Movies to be Seen on Valentine’s Day

Love Actually

Valentine’s Day

This movie came in year 2003. It revolves around the lives of eight people. London is the city in which this movie is pictured. Basically, it was made at time of Christmas, so we can say that it is more like a Christmas movie than to be watched on valentine. Then again, when the word love comes, we can watch that movie any time. The movie shows the lives of eight people; how they lived their lives and how they all came together and their lives intermingled with each other. The movie shows that how even random people can get close to each other and new chapter in life can begin.

No strings Attached


No strings Attached is more or less like a typical Hollywood movie. It’s about a girl and a boy who have fallen in love with each other and want to carry on with their relation as it is going on. The relation is more about being physical than anything else and best part is that they are happy with that and they want to keep it like that. The two leading actor of this movie are Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. They met each other when they were children in a summer camp. After that they met each other many times at many different occasions. After meeting each other many times, they started their relation with a promise that it will be only a sex relation and that is all. But finally Adam, who is Ashton, starts to develop feeling for the other person. Emma (Natalie) stops meeting him at all. This movie consists of perfect combination of romance and comedy with a touch of underlying tragedy.

Leap Year


This movie was released in year 2010. It makes entry into our top ten list of movies for its popularity. The main actor of this movie is Amy Adama, named as Anna in the movie. We can call it one of the typical movies where two people are in a relation and the girl waits for the boy to propose her. The boy doesn’t propose the girl. On the other hand, after not being proposed, she herself decides to propose the boy on leap day. Now to keep the movie going, the boy has shifted to Dublin and in order for the girl to go and propose him; she has to go to Dublin to do so. It is a fun movie definitely and it would not waste your time and I am sure you will enjoy it as well.

Valentine’s Day


It was pictured in year 2010. It is an interesting movie and definitely a worth watching movie, that is why able to be placed in our top ten list. What other best day can we choose to watch it if not on valentine day. You might find its story similar to the movie Love Actually. It’s an amazing movie and worth watching for sure.



Titanic was released in year 1997. I doubt there would be any person in this world who hasn’t seen Titanic. It’s one of that movie for which one can surely fall in love with. The acting of Leonardo DiCaprio is the best and is worth watching it. Kate Winslet is the leading actress against DiCaprio. They both have worked very well in this movie and it got it 11 Oscars. Titanic was also nominated for 43 other different awards all over the world. One of the best thing about this movie is that it is based on a true story. This is definitely a movie to be the part of any top ten list of movies.

500 Days of Summer


500 Days of Summer was released in the year 2009. It is one of the most amazing love stories I have come across till now. It is extremely touching and without any doubt, I can call it a perfect love story. The actors who have worked in it have done an excellent job. Joseph Gordon-Levitt played as Tom in this movie and along with him it was Zooey Deschanel, who played as Summer. It shows in the movie that Summer was the first love of Tom. The movie consists of a perfect blend of romance, sadness and the best part, a happy ending. There is no way you can stay away from adding this movie to be a part of your top ten list.

I Hate Valentine’s Day

I Hate Valentine’s Day

This movie was released in year 2009. If we take a look at the title of the movie, it definitely doesn’t give us a positive vibe about the movie, but then again, when you start watching it, one surely enjoys it like anything. Nia Vardalos worked in this movie by the name of Genevieve. She has this rule that she will date one person only 5 times and after that she wouldn’t date that person again. She has this mindset that if she will date the same man again and again, she might end up in a relation with him and she doesn’t want that at all. Later, she meets John Corbett as Greg. She applies the same rule on him, but after she has walked out on him, she starts missing him and her life seems incomplete to her. The twists and turns in this movie definitely make it worth a place in top ten.

Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2

This picture was released in the year 2010. Just like its first part, the second part was also loved a lot. The lead actors have performed very well in the movie and definitely it was a hats-off performance given by them in it. This time they were in Middle East and enjoyed themselves a lot as always. Along with all the enjoyment, the girls also took a deep look on their personal life and how they are going on. This movie tells us one thing that no matter how bold a woman is, yet her rights would not be same as that of men. For its subject and acting, this flick definitely owes a place in top ten list of movies to be watched on this Valentine.

Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith

This movie was released in year 2005. It consists of the two most famous actors named as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, both working together in this movie. This movie talks about married people and how they handle work at their work place. The subject is so interesting that this movie is placed in top ten list.

Sex and the City


This movie was released in the year 2008. It is liked all over the world. It tells us a lot about the relationships and the problems in them.

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