Top Ten Resolutions for New Year (2014)

New Year Resolutions for 2014

Every year is being end with happiness, joy and celebrations. Mostly people gather with family or friends at their houses or other places to celebrate the New Year. There are many of us who thinks to start their year with some new thoughts and resolutions. Making resolutions at New Year sometime is tough job. Resolutions at the arrival of New Year are made to better oneself. Sometime it takes too much time to decide our New Year’s resolutions, So here I am going to tell you top ten resolutions that you can make to better your coming New Year 2014.

1: Be Happy:


Happiness is the most important thing for the peace of mind and soul. But in this age of tension it has become really tough to be happy. The only way a person can be happy is by finding good in everything and everybody. Think positive is every mode of life. So in 2014 be determined at this resolution.

2: Eat Healthy:

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To be healthy is very important. With good health we can enjoy our life. Nowadays eating habits are destroyed badly. Healthy diet does not appeal us that much. Adding green vegetables in our diet in 2014 can be a good change.

3: Get Organized:


Disorganization makes you feel scattered and frustrated. It’s time to get organized. An organized life is more relax and peaceful than disorganize. To get organized outside first of all you need to know your priorities and besides you should know how you want your belongings and way of life.

4: Quit Smoking:

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To give up you unhealthy habits this is the good time. You can start your 2014 by avoiding unhealthy habits. It is definitely a tough task but a little self-control can make you give up smoking.

5: Help others:


To be a volunteer is a very popular non-selfish resolution. Helping others as a volunteer make ones feel proud. It can be done in different ways i.e. mentoring a child, helping your mother at home works and joining nonprofit volunteer organizations.

6: Learn something new:


Learning something new is always a good experience. You can enjoy it in different ways like learning new language, how to fix your PC etc.

7:  Quit Drinking:

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The New Year resolution can be beneficiary in so many ways. To stop drinking should definitely be in your New Year’s resolution list. Start your 2014 with a healthy and good change. You can quit drinking slowly. You have to be determined to quit drinking.

8: Save money:

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Saving money is one of those tasks which seems very easier but in real is very tough. If you start your 2014 with a resolution of spending less and saving more than at the end you’ll have enough to celebrate. Money can be saved only in a way by making proper budget.

9: Spend more Time with Family and Friends:

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Spending time with family and friends is something really interesting you can do this year. It will definitely a good change for you and your family as well. Make plans to meet your friends or take your family to any good restaurant or picnic. Work is important no doubt but one should not forget one’s family in this all.

10: Lose Weight:

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Weight loss is a biggest issue now days. You can lose weight by using different methods. Exercise is an easy task and is good for you as well. Taking proper and healthy diet is also helpful in losing weight.

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