Top Ten Hardest Languages to Master

Speaking a foreign language is always fun, and what’s even better is that makes you look really smart as well. As world citizens, many of us would like to converse with people from different cultures easily. However, not all languages are easy to learn and the top 10 hardest languages to master in no particular order are:


1. Arabic

Arabic is one of the hardest languages to learn let alone master especially for English speakers. The Arabic language does not include letters of the Roman alphabet and most letters have various forms with their vowels excluded from writing. It doesn’t help much that there are different Arabic dialects and the fact that its tense verbs have 13 forms, three nouns and two genders as well.



2. Finnish

Well Finnish sounds interesting but learning it is not an easy curve. Its vocabulary has many similarities which have different meanings. A good example is the word ‘talolta’ and ‘tallota’, the latter means from a house with the previous meaning without a house. Luckily, the language uses the Roman alphabet.



3. Hungarian

Hungarian language is in the Finnish family making it equally hard to master. What many don’t know is that its grammar, tense, numbers and possession are dictated by suffixes and not words.



4. Mandarin Chinese

Many Chinese speak Mandarin and this is one of the most difficult languages to learn if not the most difficult. The language is mainly tonal and simple changes in pitch could signify major changes to a words meaning. Its grammar is however easier to learn as it has one grammatical form and no conjugations.



5. Navajo

This may be the first time for many of you hear of this language. Navajo is a unique language used by Americans during World War II and the Pacific War. This is basically code talk and the language was so unique that the Japanese were unable to break it down during the Pacific War



6. Cantonese

Cantonese is spoken in Canton, China and shares Mandarin influences. Interestingly, Cantonese has no written form and the only way you can fully master this language is to master its characters. Each character has over 20,000 forms.



7. Basque

According to Britain’s foreign office, Basque is the hardest language to master for English speakers. This is a Spanish dialect and one that is agglutinative. In simpler terms, the words of the language are formed and altered with suffixes and prefixes.



8. Japanese

Surprisingly, it’s really easy to pronounce Japanese words but its written form is even more difficult than Chinese. The language is written with Kanji pictorial characters and exclusive Japanese characters as well.



9. Polish

Learning Polish is quite the task. The language has more exceptions than with its grammar and you need to be aware of its different grammar usage by studying and practicing real hard. Its writing may use the Roman alphabet but is quite confusing as it mixes up upper and lower case letters in one word.



10. Estonian

This language is quite similar to Polish when it comes to case system. The case system inflects words depending on their grammatical functions and there are 14 cases that you need to keep an eye for.

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