Top ten CEO’s in world’s largest companies

We have planned to give you an insight into the most powerful and influential CEO’s of the world In our top of ten ranking, in simple, quick and easy description of their life and work, you would learn that people are working and toiling hard to reach the top posting they to give the their best time and energies to their work.

We are not just giving you the repeated detail of ten top chief excutives but we want to give you a picture of some struggling personalities who toiled hard day and night, and earned the world fame just with their confidence and the power of hard work. Many of our below mentions CEO’s hail form very poor families but they have the will to wake up from the slums of darkness and have desire to shine on horizon.

Our research is based over the data collected by forbs, time magazine, and many others.

  1-Best CEO Mark Zuckerberg in social networking:

Best CEO Mark Zuckerberg in social networking

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of our all-time favorite social networking site Facebook. He is just 28 years old now born on May 14, 1984; the company’s net worth is US$ 9.4 billion. Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest CEO. Many of us using the Facebook but we don’t know from where the idea of this type of social networking got roots, it was just an idea flashback in the mind of Zuckerberg, who want to kept his friends in touch, as his major subjects were computer science so he made a program initially gave it name of Facemash which later changed into Facebook. Zuckerberg left his university, as he wants to launch a social networking portal for the university studies, and his university (Harvard University) administration was not allowing him. According to a research Facebook have more than 500 million users around the globe. In the start of 2010 Zuckerberg was listed among some top wealthiest CEO of the world.

With his passion he did what he wants to do, and bewildered the world with his massive project which gripped most of the world’s youth in its lure.

2- Carlos Slim: richest CEO

 Carlos Slim: richest CEO

One of the richest and famous CEO of top companies, like Grupo Carso, Telmex and America Movil, and he is on the top of order in the 2012 top ranking. He is working in the telecom industry, the two biggest companies like Telmex and America Movil are flourishing in Mexico, and the net worth of his companies is $70 billion. Carlos’s father migrated from Lebanon to America, although Carlos Slim 72 is the world’s richest person, yet he lives in a six bedroom small home. Slim is focused toward the social sector, and participating in lifting people from slums.




3- Lawrence Joseph Ellison

Lawrence Joseph Ellison

The CEO of Oracle is the world magnate of the Software industry; according to the Forbes he can be counted the world’s sixth richest person and the third in the United States of America. The net worth of Oracle is $35 billion. Lawrence was not much attentive boy in his early childhood, but later he developed interest in computers, which led him to the great endeavor of Oracle. The net worth of Oracle is $35 billion. Ellison has also joined the charity organization like Gates and Buffett.


4- Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is the world’s top influential CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, whose net worth is $44.7 billion; he is also holding the top companies like Coca-Cola, American Express, Costco and Moody’s. Buffett was a struggling boy, though he hails from a wealthy family, yet right from the young age he worked with enthusiasm, while working as paperboy he stepped into bigger investment. He has seen the human suffering from a close lens, viewing all this he denoted a bigger chunk of his wealth for the well-being of human.


5- Sheldon Adelson:

Sheldon Adelson

The owner and CEO of world famous casino in Las Vegas is the richest person his company Las Vegas Sand’s net worth is $24. Hot debates are going on about the impacts of casino gambling, but people are generating big money from it.  Adelson has seen the toughest time in his life, but he persists to rise. He was a determined man he take the start with finance sector, then switched toward computer trading, further he built a high Resort Hotel Casino. He is running worldwide casino like in china and Singapore. Adelson is now 79 years old, he is also owner of an Israeli newspaper named Israel HaYom, which is being distributed in Hebrew language for free. The personal wealth figure of Adelson is $20.5.

6- Charles G Koch

    Charles G Koch

The CEO of Koch Industries is an influential person and philanthropist, he inherited the business of oil refining from father later expend it to a bigger industry of producing different number of brand and products like, fertilizer, minerals, carpets, and many other. The net worth of Koch industries is $24.7 billion, and it is US one of high ranked company, expended their business around the globe. Charles Koch always contributes in wellbeing of humans, and that’s the reason he never compromise over the environment safety.

7- Eike Batista

Eike Batista

South American man Eike Batista 56 is one of the richest and influential CEO of EBX companies, holding $31.6 billion net worth. Though Batista is the richest person of Brazil yet he desire to become the world’s richest. He have share in many big companies like oil companies, and also buying Gold from Amazon mines. Batista is very keen observer of business tricks and never hesitate in taking risk, and this trait of him made him the most richest and influential person.


8- Aliko Dangote: the richest CEO from Africa

Aliko Dangote: the richest CEO from Africa

The CEO of Dangote group, also known as the cement king of Africa, is one of the richest man hails from Africa, his company’s net worth is $11.2 billion. He is the founder of Dangote, Flour, Rice, Sugar and Cement trading company. Dangote is inspired by Bill Gates, has donate a large sum of his money to the public care. Dangote 57 is a self-made personality, who installed a large project of Nigeria. The Dangote group is now stepping in the oil and gas sector also. Dangote is the person, faced all the odds but he strived with devotion and passion toward his goal.



9-Lakshmi Mittal:

Lakshmi Mittal

The CEO of Arcelor-Mittal is the most dedicated and professional tycoon of India’s largest Steel industry. He can be called the proud of India as he lived in Great Britain yet he does not hold British nationality. According to the Forbes facts and figure Mittal is the sixth richest person of the world. He is now 63 years old yet there is light in his eye, the net worth of Arcelor Mittal is $20.2 billion. Lakshmi is not like other richest person, he is living a lavish life, and his daughter wedding marked the record extravagance, celebrated in Paris. Lakshmi is a die-hard fan of soccer.


10- Larry Page

Larry Page

The CEO of Google was a bright student right from his early schooling till his PhD. He had plans to go for a company in the little age of 12, and he can fix the computer just in age six. Page’s parents were computer scientist; he co-founded Google, and breaking the world success records. Project Google was his Ph.D. dissertation; he worked to connect all the information with World Wide Web.  Larry Page is now 39 year old and has plans to open the free knowledge source with the name Knol like Wikipedia. If we figure out the Page’s personal wealth it would be about $20.3 billion. The Net worth of Google is $20 billion.  And it’s really interesting to note that Larry Page himself was the inventor of the page ranking system, which gave Google a distinguish status.  He is Jewish by ethnicity.


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