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Sometimes we find it very difficult to read best quotes and when you tracing some of perfect Military commanders’ quotes you can trap into many Supernatural quotes those have any link with the reality. We often want to read the daring account of wise military commanders, who achieved victory in many battles, we want to meet them and want to know how they got the braveheart  its novice to get knowledge of those military geniuses, and genius never dies. We are providing you the best quote of ten best military commanders of our history who ever lived; those were not just fighting with the bullet, swords or spears but also with truth and spirit of humanity.

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1)      Ali ibn Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with him)

  • His grief is long whose hope is short.
  • I was not created to be occupied by eating delicious foods like tied up cattle.
  • Unfortunate is he who cannot gain a few sincere friends during his life and more unfortunate is the one who has gained them and then lost them (through his deeds).
  • He who fights against the truth, the truth will defeat him.
  •  Knowledge and practice are twins, and both go together. There is no knowledge without practice, and no practice without knowledge.


2)      Genghis Khan

  • Be of one mind and one faith, that you may conquer your enemies and lead long and happy lives.”


3)      Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi (May Allah’s mercy be have upon him)

  • Victory is changing the hearts of your opponents by gentleness and kindness.
  • If you want to win a battle without waging war, spread obscenity in its youth.
  • A place where Food becomes expensive than the salary of a Worker,
    There becomes Two things Cheap…

1:The Dignity of a woman. 2: The Honour of a Man.


4)      Khalid bin Walid (May Allah be pleased with him)

  • The rainy night when I am standing wearing armor with sword and shield in my hand and looking again and again towards the eastern horizon, waiting for sun to rise so that I could start the battle.”
  • I’ve fought in so many battles seeking martyrdom that there is no spot in my body left without a scar or a wound made by a spear or sword. And yet here I am, dying on my bed like an old camel. May the eyes of the cowards never rest.


5)      Tipu sultan 1750- 1799

  • “One day’s life of a lion is preferable to hundred years’ of a jackal”


6)      Omer Mukhtar  1858-1931

  • We’ll never surrender, we’ll win or die, you’ve to fight the next generation and the next ….. and I’ll live more than my hanger.
  •  ”I’m not a sweet bite of a meal anyone can swallow. No matter how long they try to change my belief and opinion, Allah is going to let them down”.


7)      Adolf Hitler

  • Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.
  • It is not truth that matters, but victory.
  • there is one thing we must never forget… the majority can never replace the man. And no more than a hundred empty heads make one wise man will an heroic decision arise from a hundred cowards.”
  • I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.
  • “The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes”
  • “It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge”


8)  Napoleon Bonaparte

  •  “Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.”
  • “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
  • “History is written by the winners.”
  • “Read over and over again the campaigns of Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, Gustavus, Turenne, Eugene and Frederic. … This is the only way to become a great general and master the secrets of the art of war. …”
  • “Ability has nothing to do with opportunity.
  • “He who cannot look over a battlefield with a dry eye, causes the death of many men uselessly.”


9)  Alexander the Great

  • I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.
  • I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.
  • “A tomb now suffices him for whom the whole world was not sufficient.”


10)                Tamerlane (Timur the Lame):

  •  ”As there is but one god in heaven, so should there be but one ruler on earth.”


11) Julius Caesar

It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.





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