Top 10 Upcoming 2014 Games

There remains a huge base of gamers who play games for enjoyment and entertainment, and there is no doubt that video games still haven’t lost their charm. While there have been some great releases in 2013, there are a lot of anticipated games that will be released next year. Here is a list of the games billed for a 2014 release that have been creating the most anticipation amongst gamers.


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1. The Sims 4

The Sims is one of the most popular simulated games for PC and the next installment of the popular game series developed by Maxis and the Sims Studio is already being anticipated widely by all types of gamers. The game will continue with a similar theme and would be a single player game according to the information given by The Sims Studio and won’t require any internet access.

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2. The Evil Within

Developed by Tango Games, this game is a must play for all horror freaks. The game would be available across all gaming platforms including PC, PS3, and Xbox One etc. It is a single-player game where the player would have to tackle a number of monsters in the game. With a good story-line and extremely realistic graphics, the game is surely one to watch out for in 2014.


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3. Tom Clancy’s The Division

Developed by Ubisoft Massive, Tom Clancy’s The Division remains one of the most anticipated games. A role-playing game, the game can be played with friends over the net or can be played in single player mode. The game has a sturdy plot that revolves around America’s destruction with the player asked to combat the threat.


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4. Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an upcoming game being developed by airtight games and the action-adventure game is billed for an early 2014 release. The game’s plot is thought to be similar to the ‘Die Hard’ storyline but the developer’s say that the game has a twist in the offering for everybody.


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5. Thief 4

The Thief series was a popular stealth game series and it returns in 2014 with the fourth installment. Having been in the pipeline for a long time, the game will finally hit the stores somewhere in 2014. The game is developed by Eidos Montreal and will expectedly have similar stealth-driven game play but will probably have a different plot.


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6. Dream Fall Chapters: The Longest Journey

Dream Fall Chapters: The Longest Journey is developed by Red Thread Games in collaboration with Blink Studios. It is the third installment of the Dream Fall game series. With 3-D environments and an engaging plot, the action-adventure game will be worth a try next summer.


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7. Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is an upcoming combat simulator game with both single player and multi player options available for the gamers. Having been developed by Frontier Developments, the game is expected to offer something new as far as game play and storyline is concerned.


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8. Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games in collaboration with Behavior Interactive are working on the game Star Citizen which will be released in 2014. Another combat simulator, the game would largely be focused on multi player campaigns but has a single player campaign mode as well.


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9. Bayonetta 2

The next installment in the Bayonetta series, the game languishes in ninth at the list because it is only available for Wii U gamers. Developed by Platinum Games, Bayonetta 2 is a slash and hack video game that will be released next summer.


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10. Freedom Wars

Freedom Wars is an action game currently being developed by SCE Japan Studio and will be released next year. The game’s intuitive story that revolves around the player’s life sentence is interesting and will be worth a try next year!

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