Top 10 Most Effective Home Fitness Training Equipments

In order to lead a fit and healthy life doing regular exercise is a must. However, most people fail to understand this fact. Going to the gym for doing exercise is the major reason why people avoid doing exercise at all. Well, here is a list of top 10 fitness training equipments that can help you in doing all the exercise you need to remain fit and strong at home.


1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the most common type of exercise equipment that must be kept at home. These weights can help you in keeping the muscles of your arms and shoulder strong.  A quick workout with these each day and your arms will never lose their strength.





2. Resistance Bands

The resistance bands are among the new innovations that have been made in the fitness training equipment field. These bands use resistance training methodology to strengthen the muscles of the body. You can use these bands to perform a number of strength training and fitness exercises.



3. Stability Ball

Stability ball is a common type of gym equipment that is thought to be merely for improving the balance of the body.  However, at home this ball can be used in combination with many other exercise routines to tone the different muscles of the body including those of the hip.



4. Kettle bell

Kettle bell is useful fitness training equipment that provides you an intense workout. Even though its design looks a bit ungainly, there is no denying the fact that it can help you out a lot in building up coordination between different muscles groups of your body.



5. Suspension System

The suspension system is heavy weight training equipment that is designed primarily for bodybuilders. owHoHowever, a person at home can use this equipment for increasing his muscle strength by simply following a prescribed exercise routine by a professional trainer.



6. Fitness Trampoline

Fitness trampolines can prove to be ideal for people who do not want to do strength training and prefer a lighter mode of exercise. A trampoline can be used for doing light aerobic training that can help you in lowering your blood pressure levels as well as improving the circulation of blood in your body.




7. Exercise Bicycle

An exercise bicycle is a simple yet effective means of fitness training. You just need to spend half an hour on the bicycle each day and you will start seeing the results which will include having more strength in the legs, thighs and calf muscles.



8. Treadmill

The Treadmill is conventional fitness training equipment that is used basically for walking and running exercises. It can help you in building up your stamina as well as the strength in your lower body muscles.



9. Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers are a much sophisticated type of exercise equipment that targets multiple muscle groups of the body. It is a hybrid training system that provides you the fitness training benefits of both the treadmill and the bicycle at the same time.




10. Abs Twister

The Abs Twister is a relatively new type of fitness training system that focuses entirely on the training of the ab muscles. If you want to get the ripped stomach and six packs like the bodybuilders then this machine is the right one for you.

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