Top 10 Miss Universe Title Holder Countries

Miss Universe has become a portal of beauties and compared as the Olympic of beauty pageants among different countries in the world. Since its foundation in 1952 held at Long Beach, California founded by California Clothing Company Pacific Mills until Donald Trump’s reformation that began in 1998, Miss Universe continues to keep its reputation as one of the grandest contest for young, vibrant, and intelligent ladies who each proudly represents her homeland. For 60 years of showcasing gorgeous women, many countries have accumulated numerous titles that make their countries head up among others. From 1952 to 2012 let’s take a look at the top ten countries that emerge most victorious in the Miss Universe pageant.


Miss USA 2012 – Olivia Culpo

Number 1 USA

USA has proven themselves to the world that they have what it takes to be the most beautiful. The recent Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, added a jewel to USA’s treasures of beauty queens of the said pageant. 27 crowns 8 of which are the Miss Universe crowns made them the cream of the crop.



Number 2 Venezuela

Venezuela grabbed the second spot without making them second best. Every year, the lovely latinas always or most of the time get a spot in the semi-finals or in the top five. They are known to undergo an intensive training before they step into the real pageant arena to make sure they are equipped with the best. 24 titles of which 6 are the Miss Universe crowns took them to the top 2.




Miss Puerto, Rico Mayra Matos Perez at Miss Universe 2009

Number 3 Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is on the top 3 list of Miss Universe title holder countries in the history of the pageant. Dayana Toress is one of the most popular winners of it. This Latin country boasts their alluring beauties that have the charm and confidence on stage. They have natural appeals that captivate every judge in the contest. Puerto Rico 12 beauty titles including 5 Miss Universe crowns.



Miss Universe Sweden 2010, Michaela Savic

Number 4 Sweden

The Swedish ladies top the European countries that compete every year for the prestigious Miss Universe crown. Hellivi Rombin in 1955, Margarita Arvidsson in 1966 and Yvonne Ryding in 1984 are part of the 13 titles of the Miss Universe hall of fame of winners.


Miss_Universe_BrazilMiss Brazil

Number 5 Brazil

The Brazilian pretty ladies who compete each year in the Miss Universe have been applauded by most of the audiences as well as the judges. In 1963, Ieda Maria Vargas broke Brazilian Miss Universe history of winners and brought home the crown with much pride. There are 14 titles of which 2 are the Miss Universe crowns.



Miss Universe Finland 2010 – Viivi Pumpanen

Number 6 Finland

Finland is on the top 6 and known as the first title holder of Miss Universe in the person of Armi Kuusela who was only 17 years old at that time. She then later married to a Filipino gentleman whom she fall inlove with. Armi Kuusela’s crown completes the 12 Miss Universe titles won by Finland.


Miss Universe 2011: Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup

Miss Universe 2011: Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup

Number 7 Philippines

The Philippines’ Gloria Diaz amused the world when she was crowned Miss Universe in 1969 at the age of 18. It was the same year when the first man landed on the moon. Since then and until now, Philippine candidates have been great enthusiasts of the pageant. Every year, they are Asian hopefuls who never give up of again winning the crown who was last brought home by Margarita Moran in 1973. There are a total of 10 titles of which 2 is the Miss Universe crown.



The 18-year-old from Sydney’s Potts Point won Miss Universe Australia 2010

Number 8 Australia

The pretty women from the land-down-under shared the same number of titles with the Philippines but are on the 8th place due to semi-finalists contestants. The Australians are known for their huge confidence and beauty. The runway is always a perfect place for them in the contest. In 1972 and 2004, they hit the spot as Miss Universe winners.


Emiri Miyasaka

Emiri Miyasaka – Miss Universe Japan 2009

Number 9 Japan

Japan is the second highest ranked Asian countries in the Miss Universe. Before Yuko Uno captured the heart of John Lennon of the Beatles, Akiko Kojima got the world’s attention when she won the Miss Universe title in 1959 and known as the first Asian woman who wore the crown. Japan got 9 titles all in all including 2 Miss Universe titles. 


Navneet Kaur Dhillon

Navneet Kaur Dhillon – Miss India 2013

Number 10 India

The Indian mob rejoiced when Sushmita Sen won the crown in 1994. It was their first Miss Universe crown and eventually followed by several titles that made them to be part of the top ten. Sushmita’s remarkable answer towards the essence of a woman is one of the most powerful and unforgettable answers in the history of the pageant. 2 Miss Universe titles and 4 runner-up titles made them to the top 10.

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