Top 10 Best Reviewed Tablets 2013

Tablets have become one of the most loved techy gadgets of all people all over the world. Who can blame people? Its usability has so much to offer. While many brands are mushrooming the markets and people are thinking which one is the best for them, here are the Top 10 Best Reviewed Tablets 2013 from the techy reviewers of so you’ll be guided which one is of great quality and maybe yours belong to.


1. Apple’s the New iPad

When the market first saw the iPad Apple released, everyone was astonished by the technology the small device offers. Since then, tablet is regarded as one of the leading products of the technology and Apple’s competitors are still trying to beat them. This 2013, the New iPad released by Apple would make other brands have a hard time outwitting them. What the new iPad has is remarkable for it is twice speedy than other brands, thinner body, has lots of additional multimedia features, long battery life, awesome graphics, super fast processor and numerous features you would surely love. That is why the New iPad is one top.



2. Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is on the second spot for reviewers. Microsoft surface is very usable and convenient according to users compared to other brands. Tablets are not solely used by tablet literates but people of almost all generations are now patronizing this it. In addition to its user-friendly capacity, Microsoft Surface has a unique kickstand behind to let it stand on its own. It has Windows RT operating system that will give you the advantage to utilize multiple applications all of the same time. Microsoft Surface is just always on the go.



3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the hardest competing tablets of Apple’s the New iPad. Being part of the world’s most trusted product, Samsung, this tablet is a no-waste of your money. Although it did not actually hit the highest spot but Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has so much features for its users. First, it runs Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS that allows tablets to run Adobe Flash. It also is not a thick that the others and a bit lighter which make it so handy wherever you go. Having it full-charged may give you 10 long hours of use even while you are on a long travel the whole day.



4. Nexus 7

On the fourth list of the Top 10 Best Reviewed Tablets 2013 is the Nexus 7. Its small design makes it very portable which is usually preferred by people who are always moving. Aside from its portability, users are delighted by its features that truly compete in the market of tablets. Nexus 7 is only 7-inch in display but its beautiful colors and clear pictures are sought after by consumers. Its capacity to be alive in 10 hours gives comfort for those who have so many things to do in a day. Nexus 7 is run by an operating system called Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which means optimum speed is guaranteed in running applications. This is one of Asus’ remarkable additions to their awesome gadgets in the market.

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5. Sony Xperia Tablet S SGPT122US/S

On the fifth slot is the Sony Xperia Tablet S SGPT122US/S which is very handy for an iPad. It has different features and applications. Cool features are unlimited video accessibility, E-book applications; huge library of music, awesome game applications, TV Streaming with a bonus of Sony PlayStation.What makes it more appealing to the mob is that it has big memory options up to 64GB that will allow you to store massive files to your content.



6. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity

Next, we have the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. This wonderful iPad sold in the market is gorgeous and very much affordable for your pockets. One of its fabulous features is its built-in two cameras that capture good pictures. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity is regarded by users as a user-friendly iPad which allows other not-so-techy people to savor the joy of doing what they would like in a tablet.



7. Kindle Fire HD 7”

Users have rated Kindle Fire HD 7”as one of the best iPad in the market. It is a combination of an e-book reader and a tablet. Kindle Fire HD 7” is conveniently smaller compare to ab average tablet so users can just slip it inside a mini bag without bringing to much of a bulk. Kindle Fire HD 7” is suitable for music lovers and video geeks with its excellent music and video features. Its battery life exceeds others for it can be alived for 11 hours in a full-charged mode. Running applications would never be a hassle one for it is under the 1.2GHz core processor that allows running applications very fast. If you want an affordable and easy to handle iPad then Kindle Fire HD 7” is perfectly right for you.



8. Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom is among the leading iPad in the market. What Motorola Xoom has is it is packed with Android 3.0 operating system, huge application features, High Definition Video, video chat, dual cameras and many more. You can enjoy it for 10 hours of battery life and Wi fi capabilities. Motorola Xoom is 9.8 inches long with a width of 6.6 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds which is very easy to handle. It is also very easy to operate with just a gentle touch.



9. Blackberry Playbook

When it comes to topping the list of gadgets, Blackberry would not allow their Blackberry Playbook not to be part of it. The Blackberry Playbook is designed for business professionals who are in search of a useful tablet. It’s multi-tasking efficiency and awesome multimedia features are few of its boasts. It has speedy processor and a very handy one of about 5.1 inches long and 7.6 inches wide. It’s very thin of only 0.4 inches which is very amazing. Although it has a small screen display it is still very responsive on every touch. No need for a stylus for fingers are already enough to make your tablet experience the best.



10. HP Slate 2

What makes the HP Slate 2 part of the best reviewed iPad is its usability for small business needs. Its ideal multi-tasking capabilities and strong processors are its edges from the many tablets in the market. HP Slate 2 has a digital pen that allows you to navigate and input information on the device for your convenience. It only weighs 1.5 pounds so you wouldn’t really feel that you are holding a heavy gadget especially if you are in the move. So if you are looking for a very usable tablet with quality features, the HP Slate 2 is simple just for you.

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