Top 10 Best Pop Artists of 2013

We sing to their songs, we dance to their themes and we copy their style, these Top list of Pop Artists of 2013 are popular not only for their talents but for the way they have packaged themselves to be a part of the highest grossing artists of the year.



1. Beyoncé

It is no doubt that this smashing lady is multi-talented: she can belt high notes and can also move her body like no else’s business.Beyoncé is one of the most well-loved artists of all time who sings relatable songs with empowering lyrics.



2. Rihanna

Coming from simple roots, this lady love has proven that dreams do come true. With her melodic voice and catchy tunes, she has made a name for herself and her craft. She has proven that she can overcome obstacles by continuously making music that always fall on the top charts.


3. Bruno Mars

Style and talent is what this amazing pop artist is all about. His songs are consistently nominated by the Grammy’s and are loved by the young and not-so-young people alike. His tunes are crisp and clean and his love songs are definitely swoon-worthy.



4. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the epitome of young, sweet and talented. With over 4 albums and countless awards from the Grammy’s and the AMA, this artist is a hit among those who have love and lost because of the relatable songs that she writes about. She is a girl of style and talent and it is no wonder that a lot of young people look up to her.


5. Justin Bieber

The youngster who was discovered through social media, Justin Bieber is a Canadian who has overwhelmed the world with his talents not only with singing but also with his dance moves and his ability to play different sorts of instruments. He pioneered the swooped bangs hairstyle and has been copied by millions all over the world.



6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s creativity is not only seen through her music but her breakthrough in Avant Garde fashion. Because of her unique sense of style and her passionate way of entertaining the public, she became well known and loved by fans of all ages. Her songs are empowering and controversial at the same time, making her the pop artist for all gender.



7. Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s stardom did not happen overnight, it actually took her years of hard work and trying to get to know herself really well before she got crowned the “Queen of Pop” in 2011 by the Rolling Stone. She is well known for her breakthrough record of being the first female artist in history to produce 5 number one hits from a single album.



8. One Direction

One Direction is an English-Irish pop boy band whose members were all discovered through a popular talent show on TV. Their stardom propelled with the help of social media and their albums are a part of the top charts.



9. Nikki Minaj

Selling over millions of copies of her debut album, Nikki Minaj is a global phenomenon who took the world by storm with her talents in rapping, singing and song writing. Also known for her quirky style, she is loved even by her youngest audience.



10. Usher

More known for soul and R&B, this artist has also proven to the world that he can be continuously successful by consistently evolving his craft and style.

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