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Q: What is Coupay?

A: Coupay is a social shopping site that takes the hassle out of online bargain hunting. It delivers members the best products from the world’s top retailers at the lowest prices in a single location.  And better yet, it offers unrivalled cashback and coupon deals on purchases discovered using

Q: What is Social Equity

A: Social Equity is the trust your friends, family and followers have in you on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to name but a few.

Q: What is “share to earn”

A: At Coupay we recognize the trust and value of your social equity, that’s why each time you share an item, product, retailer or coupon deal via a social network and a sale occurs, Coupay will pay you for the privilege. The percentage of each sale that is displayed on Coupay is the percentage that will be credited to your Coupay account. If 1 person purchases an item valued at $100 and the cashback amount is 5%, we credit your account $5. If 10 of your friends or followers purchase the same item we will credit your account $50. It’s that simple!

TIP: Remember to only share deals and products you genuinely think are worth sharing and that they maybe interested in, don’t spam your friends via social networks as they may not be friends for much longer!

Q: How does it work?

A: Coupay searches the web each day to find the best online deals. We then sort and deliver them to shoppers in one easy-to-use location.

Once you have selected and purchased a product using Coupay, we then give you a percentage of that purchase price back. In some cases, cashback into your Coupay account can be as high as 60% of the purchase made.

Q: What products are available through Coupay?

A: Coupay delivers millions of fantastic products and deals from thousands of retailers around the world. Deals and specials available through Coupay are updated and monitored every day by a dedicated team of retail experts. The best deals are then organized and displayed through an easy-to-use catalogue. You can also like our Facebook page for the latest deals and offers.

Q: How can Coupay offer cashback on products found through its site?

A: Coupay is able to offer rewards to its members by building strong relationships with leading online retailers. Retailers pay Coupay a commission when we generate sales for them through the Coupay site. What makes Coupay different is that we pass a percentage of this commission back to Coupay members in the form of cashback - in some cases up to 60%!

Q: How much can I save using Coupay?

A: Every purchase made through Coupay is unique and can return cashback deals from between 1% and 60%.  When searching for a bargain with Coupay, the cashback amount will be clearly displayed next to each purchase item.

For example:

Travel: If you were to buy a holiday deal found via Coupay for $4,000 and you were to receive 7% of the purchase in cashback, $280 would be deposited into your Coupay account after it has been confirmed as a completed transaction.

Gadgets: If you were to receive 10% cashback on a $500 TV that was found using Coupay, $50 would be deposited into your Coupay account once the transaction was confirmed.

NOTE: Cashback amounts are calculated on the total sale amount, minus tax and shipping.

Q: How do I get my cashback?

A: After your purchase is confirmed as a completed transaction it will be paid into your nominated Bank or PayPal account. It’s that simple. Coupay will email you once your cashback is ready to be withdrawn.

Q: I’ve made my purchase through but I can’t see the cashback payment in my account. When will I get it?

A: Great! Your cashback is on its way.

After you’ve made your purchase, your cashback amount will be updated under the Pending section of the My Balance page in your Coupay account.

Once the retailer confirms the sale as a completed transaction, the funds will be transferred to the Available Balance area of your account.

Once your account has been credited with more than $25 you can request it be transferred to you nominated Bank or Paypal account.

NOTE some retailers approve sales and cashback as short as 7 days and as long as 90 days. Payment is made to your account post the sale transaction being approved.

Q: Why has my cashback been declined?

A: Retailers only pay Coupay for confirmed, completed transactions. If you choose to refund an item or service you purchased, the retailer may not pay Coupay for referring them the sale.

Likewise if you go directly to the retailer’s site without first clicking on the Coupay “shop now” button.

Coupay only pays cashback on commission it has received from retailers.

Q: Tell me more about your cashback guarantee.

A: Coupay guarantees that you will be getting the best possible cashback percentage amount from each retailer on a like for like basis. This does not include special one off coupon’s or discounts exclusive to other websites.

Q: I have found a better cashback deal somewhere else. Will Coupay match it?

A: At Coupay we pride ourselves on finding the best deals each and every day.

In the rare event you do find a better deal somewhere else let us know and we will be happy to match it immediately. If you’ve found a better deal 

Q: What’s with the name?

A: We thought it was fun, catchy. It’s a mashup of Coupons that Pay.

Q: What if the retailer has confirmed my purchase but I still haven’t received my cashback?

A: If you have made a purchase and your cashback has not been approved, you can contact us and we can investigate the transaction further

Q: My product hasn’t arrived yet. What do I do?

A: Coupay is not a supplier of retailer products, if you have a question on your particular purchase, you must contact the retailer directly that you purchased from. 

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